The ongoing crisis of endangered species is the motivation for my latest work. These paintings use powerful images of iconic animals: the rhinoceros, great white shark, clouded leopard, as as an attempt to highlight their impending demise at the hands of  the greedy and ignorant. They are killed in order to capture their strength, power, rarity and magic. Our very reverence of these creatures has led to their over-consumption, not as food sources but as symbols of wealth, rare status delicacies, and magic potions that somehow harness their power, even after being scientifically proven to cure nothing.

If this consumption continues, these great animals will disappear forever, existing not even in zoos, but only in photographs, film and other graphic ephemera. I illustrate this by manipulating and repeating the color, form, silhouette of the animals’ image, also fragmenting the pixels, color layers, and dot matrices to resemble common reproductive printing separations. The result is a visual rendition of an animal that reflects my reverence for its awesome, mystical, natural power and my fear of their loss from our conscious natural world. My deepest desire is that people will see the power in these images and want them; a paradigm shift of material value, instead of taking the life of another animal.



Kevin Connolly Gillespie was born 1975, Johannesburg, South Africa where he studied visual arts with a full scholarship at Central Johannesburg TVET College.  In 1996 Gillespie relocated his studio to Cape Town, exhibiting in numerous group and solo shows.  In 2000 he moved to Brooklyn, NY where he now lives and works. Gillespie’s work is a unique collision of highly complex and deeply symbolic traditional painting styles, with that of the contemporary, iconic and abstract.



Salon of small works, New Arts Program, Kutztown, PA


Salon of small works, New Arts Program, Kutztown, PA

Pop up Gallery, Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, Hampton NY


Salon of small works, New Arts Program, Kutztown, PA

Morean Arts center, Excusite Porch group show, St. Petersburg, FL

BRIC, Open Call group show, Brooklyn, NY
Macaya Gallery, Gold Rush, group show, Miami, FL
Art Palm Beach, Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, FL

Macaya Gallery Miami, FL
Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, LES, NY
Market Art and Design, Barsky Gallery, Hamptons, NY

Artprize, Grand Rapids, MI
New York Tibetan Art Studio presents: New Voices, group show, Brooklyn, NY
Rox Gallery, Polish, group show, LES, NY

Barsky Gallery, group show, Hoboken, NJ
Affordable Art Fair, Barsky Gallery, NY, NY